The Guardian gave аway the domain operator GLONASS

British newspaper The Guardian has refused domain zone .gdn, losing its federal operator of the GLONASS navigation system. On this July 17 the newspaper “Izvestia”, with reference to Veniami Markovski, representative of ICANN, is responsible for regulating the rights to Internet addresses.

As described in the NIS GLONASS, use the domain gather several companies AFK “Sistema” – the main shareholder of NIS GLONASS.

Meanwhile, the operator will use the zone .gdn, he stands for «geo domain network» («global network domain”) for the sale of domains. As expected, the maximum period of registration of second-level domain will be 10 years, and the cost of registering a domain .gdn per year will be $ 15.

According Veni Markovski, The Guardian refused not only on the domain zone .gdn, but also on .guardianmedia and .guardian. Thus for each domain company will be able to return only 37 thousand dollars of paid 185,000. According to a representative of Russia’s largest domain registrar Ru-Center Andrei Vorobyov, this may be due to the reluctance of The Guardian risk: there is no guarantee that the domain will remain for now. Meanwhile, the launch of domain zone will cost several million dollars.

The fact that The Guardian and GLONASS operator applied for a single domain, reported in March. If companies failed to agree, the fate of the domain would dare at auction.

ICANN has opened to accept applications for the registration of new domain zones of the first level in the first half of 2012. Applications for domains applied, in particular, Google (total 100 applications, including domains .google and .android), Apple (.apple) and Microsoft (.microsoft, .bing and others). Russian companies, including “Yandex”, “Skolkovo” foundation and NIS GLONASS, filed eight applications.